Welcome to this website. Here you will find the information to build SPOT, the Stewart Platform OpenSource Toolkit.

SPOT is a master and slave configuration based on the Stewart Platform, which was originally designed to test car-tires and later adopted for car- and flight-simulators (usually powered by large hydraulics or heavy duty electro-motors). We, however, found a servo-based master and slave configuration ideal to explore expressive movement qualities in a sketch-like manner for both designers and engineers.

This work came about as part of the GHOST project and as a result we use it in the context of shape-changing interfaces. This does not mean it can not be used for other projects that uses movement, which is exactly the reason why we put together a bill of materials and building plan so that everyone with access to basic tools, a soldering iron and a lasercutter can build one (or more).

For more information about our idea on exploring expressive movement qualities in a sketch-like manner, please read the proposal of our studio at TEI 2015 at Stanford University where we used SPOT alongside the Cardboard Modeling Platform.